With Spoorthi Cherriviralla

Magazine: Fast Company

Time Frame: 3 days

Fast Company writes for progressive business leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals invested in the fields of technology, business, and design innovation. It uses a minimalistic, professional and mostly Serif typeface. There is an emphasis on consistency within headers, overall layout, vertical text…

Collaborating with Yash Mittal

Augmented Reality (AR) Campus tour

Client: Carnegie Mellon University

Target audience: Prospective CMU students and their family


As the world is sailing through technological advancements, the existence of technology is becoming more and more prevalent. This provides designers with…

Objective:create a temporary (3–4 week) exhibition featuring an artist (or issue*) currently on exhibit at one of the three museums. …

Introduction and Storyboarding

Right off the bat, I can see myself struggling really badly because of the software that we are going to work with: Adobe After Effects. To begin with, I started off by story boarding the animation that I am hoping to create.

When thinking about the story board, I first…

I am so glad that the first part of the project is finally over! The next part is much more interesting for me especially because I am going to learn something that I have never done before. Illustrator!

This is a little scary but I do want to take up…

Donner House Traditional Double

Initial floor plans and elevations: Donner House traditional double

In class 3/15

Choosing the Animal

Choosing the animal has been more difficult than I though it would be. India is home to tons of endangered species and it was almost impossible to choose one. Scrolling through the internet, I desperately hoped to find something that I could connect with. Alas, I did find one.


3rd Feb| Exploration

The first project for this semester seems to be really interesting. I am very excited for this. We have been asked to create spaces for human experiences through the use of modules. I found it really fascinating how many different small modules could create complex structures. …

Karan Shah

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